Monday, August 22, 2011

Well..MIA once again!

I am so sorry that I have been MIA lately! 
I don't really have much of a great excuse for why I have been missing..besides being busy with my little one, preparing for school to start, doing a couple of projects for friends and so on. 
Does anyone else get so many ideas they don't know where to begin? Ugh..I have all these things I feel will make me successful and Instead I "cramp" up so to speak :/ And then don't get anything done?
Well, I guess i can include a few photos of whats been going on. 

Finally had my lil' ones b-day party.Between being sick and conflict in schedules it was a tad later then anticipated..but, it got done and she was a happy girl :)

Eating the Most important part of her cupcake.

 I added some gorgeous lace onto a plain tee from Target for My lil' one..
Now I want to to do it to every color shirt!
 Fun right? The whole thing cost me $3.50! The shirt was on clearance for $3.24 and I already had the lace.
Yea Baby! Cheap and cute!
 The supplies needed.

 This is one of the projects I did for a friend! I just love how it turned out!
(Want one? I can make one in any color your would like just leave a comment or email me )

 On a solid piece of wood and hand painted

Below are my most recent finds and listings in my shop!
Please click here to check out my shop and the items listed below!

 Gorgeous cut velvet pillows! One side is orange and the other side is green :)


A super soft and beautiful afghan! Great size and in amazing shape!

American tourister suitcase with added 'stache'

 Samsonite 'Fashionaire' with added eyeglass decal

 Another gorgeous afghan! Super soft and has a great tight knit for extra warmth

 A gorgeous Lady Buxton jewelry box WITH a Ballerina!
Which spins while the music is playing :)

 Super amazing hard shell velvet clutch with wire embroidery and beading!

 A liquor bottle with a music box..It is REALLY neat!

 Avon bottle in the shape of a seahorse.
(Also, recently added , are avon bottles in the shape of a car and Pheasant )

 And a super fun Brass peacock with red paint!

 I am definitely hoping to get over my little 'cramp' and just get to posting and creating! I have so many ideas and would love to get them out! Oh, and school is starting *sigh* just gotta keep plugging away right? 
I hope everyone is well! 



Anonymous said...

I LOVE the two color pillows! What are you going to do with them? Are they for sale? how much? What do they measure? CUTE!

p.s. we should get together again!

The Amoah-Boadi Family said...

Hi Heather!
The pillows are for sale! You can find them here..
There are three of them and they are selling for 65$ for all of them.
They measure 17" x 17"!
They are pretty fun!
Hope you are well! <3

Lindsey said...

Cute finds!!

The Amoah-Boadi Family said...

Thanks Lindsey!