Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A few projects completed

Ok, so on a higher note,  I have been trying to keep busy. 
I recovered six dining chair cushions for a friend, don't have any pictures, but must say they turned out fabulous. But, am I the only one that feels the need to spray paint staples? After reupholstering the fabric on I was really bothered by the silver colored staples..Hmm...OK, maybe I have issues :) 
I have had this gorgeous cane back chair for over a year now and finally reupholstered it! I was going to re-paint it, but just loved the metal details on it and is in pretty darn good condition! So, I just recovered it and I am sooo happy with it. I completely forgot to take a BEFORE photo..I know, LAME! But, in one of the photos I have from another chair re-do found here, you can kind of see what the fabric was like..When I say kind of..I mean it. :) 


Gotta include one of my most favorite person right? 

I just love how the chair turned out! I didn't paint it, but, I think the fabric works quite nice with the color of the wood! 

What do you think?

Oh and here is that table I spoke of here:

Before- $5.00 score!



During-Spray painted white





I needed something neutral but pretty to take pictures of my vintage stuff on. I think this baby is perfect! After spray painting it white I hand painted it a tan brown color, then sanded it down. I love the distressed look of it and the brown peeping through!

Fun right? I have started on another chair and it is 3/4 of the way sanded..I think I am going to try staining it and I have this awesome green wood stain that would be so fun for it!
Pictures coming soon!

Have any projects that you have done recently? Would love to hear about them!


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Just Jaime said...

Great finds! Love the fabric on the chair!